Vivi Design Miami was born in 2020 from the desire to create a beauty accessory to accompany the modern woman in happy moments.

Founded in Miami by Viviane Hernandes, a Brazilian architect and a lover of the arts, her creations are inspired by simple beauty and moments of joy in life.

In addition to the originality and raw material from her country of birth, the straw bag collection also brings cultural influences from Mexico, the country where she lived for 5 years and where she was intimately involved with the local art and culture.

Vivi Design Miami is committed to and values ​​manual work, with all of its creations being handmade, using natural raw materials from various regions of Brazil, Mexico, and the world.

The exclusivity in the manufacture of each bag is one of the main characteristics of the brand, through personalized and made-to-order bags that will make every woman feel unique and special.

Wear your bag at the beach, the city, and anywhere in between. Whether you’re walking the beaches of Miami or exploring the streets of Madrid, you have the confidence to stand out in style.